Groot Eiland offers residents of Brussels and the urban fringe area who are distanced from the labor market the opportunity to develop their skills, creativity, and talents. Through training and professional experiences in various sectors such as carpentry, sales, hospitality, and urban agriculture, as well as through job coaching, we help them find employment.
Furthermore, we propose adapted work, a tailored guidance and work program for individuals who, for various reasons, cannot integrate into the regular job market. 
Conscious consumers and businesses committed to transition can participate in our project through the wide range of services and products we offer. Sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and a realistic economic model go hand in hand in everything we undertake.


At Groot Eiland, respect is key. Respect for colleagues, visitors and suppliers, regardless of their origin, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any disability. 
We work together to create a safe environment where everyone can be themselves.

Decent work
Decent work is a human right. Groot Eiland aims to be a pleasant, open workplace where everyone can develop personally and professionally.

Strengthen your skills
Through training, work experience, employment care and coaching, our employees practice their skills. This way, they will always be stronger in the organisation and in society.

Tous ensemble!
We ask that every employee puts in 100 per cent effort and takes responsibility. Groot Eiland is a big story that we all write together.

Think sustainable, do sustainable
Here, social entrepreneurship and a realistic business model go hand in hand with a focus on sustainability. At Groot Eiland, we always opt for activities with long-term ecological, economic and social added value. For us sustainability also means: an inclusive organisation that provides space for human development.

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