Mohamed (onthe left in the picture) is 26 and has been staying in Belgium for 17 years. He comes from Al Hoceima in Morocco. He has many relatives here in Belgium but he also has 2 older sisters still living in Morocco. He likes to be busy with his hands and loves nature. Instructor Jef has helped him hard to grow his passion for farming. He has done many other jobs, but nothing suits him better than gardening.
"Here at Groot Eiland, you work with people who are correct, you don't have to worry about them using you. There are other companies I used to work for that took advantage of people's goodness. I experienced it myself that businesses took advantage of people in a weaker position.Groot Eiland is like a big family, everyone takes care of each other."
He would love to start his own business as a gardener, which is his dream he is working towards. Mohamed enjoys the atmosphere at Groot Eiland here very much. He admits he is a big talker. "I am the one who always talks" he says, laughing. "The others are fairly quiet and timid but I am the one who is very exuberant. I do think this is a nice and funny dynamic, it fits well together."