Maria is part of the kitchen staff at Elan. I grew up in Milan and after stays in the South of Italy, in Belgium and France, I ended up in Brussels with my daughter six years ago. Due to Covid, the restaurant where I worked closed and through the CPAS I got the chance to start working at Elan. Here I get the chance to perfect my kitchen skills and be part of a warm group of colleagues. I feel at home here and very well surrounded, although I miss the Italian climate. I learn a lot but also get the chance to share my knowledge and of Italian cuisine. By nature, I am very shy. The work and atmosphere at Elan allow me to overcome my timidity and be stronger in life. Since childhood, cooking has played a big role in my life. Even as a child, I helped prepare meals. Preparing homemade pasta with tomato sauce was almost a ritual. I cherish the memories of holidays with my grandmother in the south, the smell of stuffed aubergines, her exquisite desserts. A cuisine that touches the heart and makes one dream away.